Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I moved!

Sorry i havent really been posting, but i am active once again!


Monday, April 12, 2010

TV shows I watch/Reccomend me a good Drama?

I just wanted to make this post to tell you that UGLY BETTY IS COMING TO AN END ;_;

It's been on TV for about 4 years now, and to be honest, I've only watched the first couple episodes of it when it first came out and I only started watching it again this year eversince I remembered that i had a DVR and i could watch shows without the feeling that I'm forced to stop what I'm doing at a certain time to go watch it. But seeing how i loved the show so much that i even stopped what i was doing and went to go watch it in the time that the episode airs.

It's the LAST EPISODE THIS WEEK! Go watch it if you haven't, It's on Wednesday, 10pm? 9pm? Not sure! But seriously gooooo, I mean it can come on as annoying reruns in several years to come but it's the last airing and it's a really good show, It's sweet, funny, dramatic, it even has fashion in it and so there's eye candy to it too!

Another show that has ended(a week ago? but it's just the season, not the entire show. Thank Goodness!) but anyway, i really loved it, It's called

When you first saw a little commercial on it, you probably though too, wow, a hair styling contest, they're running out of ideas?
'Cuz there's lots of modeling contests, fashion designing contests, and even a contest where you fight for a job at the magazine 'Elle' meaning you learn how to make articles for the magazine, put together outfits, be a super assistant who does million of errands, etc etc? Forgot what it was called, but think of the movie with Anna Hathaway, Devil Wears Prada as a contest.

Judges/contestants of Shear Genius

Brig, the winner of Shear Genius

Janine, the runner up

I seriously thought Janine would win! She surprised me in the 9th episode, she said she read a lot of japanese magazines


This hairstyle was suppose to be lolita-inspired, It was a lot fluffier and had more shape .The bang was bolder in the show. The judges disliked it and called it a 'black hole'

I liked this one a lot! This pic sucks, in the show it was suppose to be one side chopped off and the other side still had hair to give off the 'i have hair always on the one side' feel, lol it sounds stupid but i think it's pretty cool, i wanna do that sometime in my life along with my list to get really short hair.

I also liked Glee
,I didn't really watch it when it aired or even recorded it, i watched it on DVD when i stayed with my cousin for a week and since it was icy/snowy outside, i ended up watching it. But other shows i liked alongside Glee is Big Bang Theory, America's Next Top Model, What Not To wear, Vampire Diaris and some other shows as well.

♥♥This show is really helpful when finding out which type of clothing fits your body type!♥♥

And lastly, a reality show i really like is

Some people hate this show, saying how the spoiled little girls have fugly, pushy moms and already dress as sluts with heavy makeup and flashy costumes at a very young age, but i for one, find this show very, very entertaining and it made me want to go see a beauty pageant @_@

The girls int his show have like a million crowns and medals just for not messing up, I want a plastic-rhinestone-infested crown! >;0


So enough about that, can anyone reccomend me a really really good drama/asian film?
And preferably not one with a really hot, arrogant, rich guy who is a playah and teases a lot but deep inside, he has a sensitive, caring, soft side for the main character. And again, preferably not a drama where the hero/main suddenly get into a carcrash/gets cancer/you know what i mean, etc etc.

Something besides Boys over flower, coffee prince, Goong

Lately, I've been trying to get into I am Sam

Only watched first episode, pretty good! But i remember going to this one blog and there was a post of this drama/asian film? I forgot, but it was like about 5(not sure again) pretty girls on front and a nerd with a bowl cut jumping in the sky behind them?

It's killing me! I must know what it is. Does anyone know of a drama where the actresses is an actual model in real life? pretty, cute girls? Like a good eye candy drama/movie? And thankyou so so so much!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

NOOOOOOO, I forgot that today's Easter!
Shame, and i wanted peeps and choco bunnies. These only come once a year >_<
Hopefully they would still have it at the grocery store.



Hah! Peeps stuffed toys, I just love little figurines, hair clips, clothing, stuffed toys and etc based on candy/food. When i was younger i went to my Uncles house and he had little food miniature as magnets! I was so obsessed with them i tried to make small food made out of clay too. Now with the internet, i realize people already make that stuff with polymer clay or just buy them plastic and in those little collectible boxes!

Like these!


I love this pic, They could be even used as doll house miniatures!


Or they would put the silver loops thingy and they immediately become charms, necklaces, earings, and etc


I'll get into these kind of stuff more when i talk about my hobbies!


Oh, and Question!


Does anyone have a paypal? I keep bugging my parents to get one but they keep saying 'no'. And they're not even the type to keep nagging to and the immediately give in!
It's either an 'Ok' or 'Maybe' or a dead on 'NO'
They don't even consider getting it
Maybe they'll get it when i find something i sort of need eventually leading them to getting a Paypal! perfect plan?

So anywho, How'd you get your first paypal and what made you want to get it?
It's sad how i have lots of things i want on the internet and not be able to get it. I really don't want to force myself into buying things that the crappy malls around have.


An earthquake happened here in Socal just a while ago @_@