Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Fashion!

Spring starts tomorrow On the 20th of March
So it's time to take out the dresses and short shorts we've been keeping during the winter! I've been collecting summer dresses and fitting stuff like rompers for the past months when it was very cold. I would wear those, but it just didn't feel right. Like not in the way I would be the only one baring my legs, after all no matter how hot or cold, wet or dry, there's always some chick who would be wearing super short shorts. But anyway, It wont feel right in a way of how used to jeans i am!

Maxi dresses! I kinda want them, even though I'm short and i have a feeling I'd drown in them even with high heels.


Do you think Maxi dresses look too beachy and something you'd wear at home? I've been seeing pictures of celebs wearing maxi dresses and it's convincing me to wear one to school even though i would never wear it since my classmates only see the combo of top+jeans, short shorts+knee highsocks from hottopic(ugh, -_-;;)+shirt , high waisted skirts, and yea you get me!



Its Nicole Richie! I love her style and she's so fashionable even when she was pregnant!


And I'm recently obsessed with a brand i could never buy from until i grow older and get an actual job, either that or I save up, but we all know me+saving up=impossible.
It's Rebecca Taylor that i want! Heard of it before? awesome! Haven't heard of it yet? Click the link!
Rebecca Taylor
But here's a preview of the amazing(expensive!) stuff anyway if you're too lazy to click on the link


The line has rompers and printed blazers and stuff! I just love it when designers give classic pieces a modern twist by making things like blazers into printed blazer or a denim blazer. See, diff materials, diff print? I think it's genius, But it could easily go wrong and look granny-ish.


So i went to the forever 21 site and saw this!


This really remembers me of a Rebecca Taylor dress


There was another picture somewhere, i forgot where it was,anyway the Rebecca Taylor dress was belted and the Forever 21 dress looked exactly like it! It's old news that Forever 21 is kind of a copy cat, getting sued by Harajuku Girls and having forums by sites like claiming Forever 21 stole their designs and all, I kinda want the dress anyway.

♥♥♥♥Still finding the perfect blazer that fits my body type!


umi.- said...

Now it's fixed n.n
Glad to help, i'll follow your blog, it's really cute. Please follow mine too n.n
I think you should get the dress anyway, then you'll feel sorry xD

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Hehe, I keep being tempted by all the maxi dresses I see in Japanese magazines as well^^

Yesterday I said to my mom, "Maybe I'd better get a maxi dress, they are still in style."
and she said "Don't do it!!" haha!

But they are so convenient haha

Yun Yun said...

I wish I could get one of those dresses but i'm so short that it'll just drag on the ground .__.

Susie said...

I'm with you on the blazer! I can't find that perfect one :( Hahaha. I love Nicole Richie's style too! She's so gorgeous.

charlene-ann said...

new follower of your blog =D thanks for commenting on mine btw =)...ohhh & these outfits are awsome!!

DiWiMakeup said...

Ahh, that suck's about your hair. I would be really upset.

I'm so happy it's been getting warmer here in the East Coast. Time to rip out those cute dresses and shoes!

xo, Diana

Bunny said...

Cute blog! Became your new follower ;) I'm short too and still scared to try maxi dresses. Do post some pictures when you wear them :)


lucy said...

love the dresses-I'm looking for the perfect blazer too! its been hard to find!

Ai Hirabayashi said...

I love all those dresses!! hehe :)

Angelique said...

Thanks for the comment, hun!

I agree, love packages does sound funny... hahaha maybe I should just stop calling them that, or figure out something else to call them :P

I feel the same way about maxi dresses... some of them are just way way too long for short lil me!

BTW you got a new follower. Welcome to the blog world!

¶ Michelle said...

these spring dresses are lovely! in fact I'm wearing one right now ;)


ipehishere said...

wowow i love ur background blog!! haha soo colorfull :)
hey i do love nicole richie too
she still looks gorgeous even allready hv baby XD
nice to meet you :)

Alyssamae. said...

Hi Shaira! I didn't try Revlon Photo Ready long enough to know if it was good or not, sorry. It felt really good on my skin, however the store ran out of other shade so I bought those two yet later found out they did not match my skin :(

Tutti Patuti said...

i never heard of rebecca taylor before
this is the first time . i have to say it's pretty stylish .. i'd buy some if i have the money.. haha

chiihime said...

Hello Shaira~
I'm happy you made a blog 'cause now I can talk to you more♥
I've been looking for some long floral dresses these days, I've found a lot of them. I think this should be fashion for spring, there're many beautiful dresses~
I'm just like you, just can't save up money!! I work everyday for wasting everything in clothes and goodies! XD I waste much with food too~ OMG I should stop doing this!

Yes forever 21 just copy from others~ but they usually make great things.

Please don't give up your new blog♥

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I am a big dress fan. I am not TOO crazy about maxi dresses because of the length. I'm not TOO tall so it might not look as flattering but I do own a few :p They def. look fashionable, even @ home! :D Nicole Richie looks really cute in maxis! :D And she's petite. :)

Anyway, welcome to the blog world! I'm fairly new as well :) Keep writing! I look forward to your entries :D I'll be following you :)

Milktan said...

I hate maxi dresses. They look like something I'd wear preggers or to the pool.
Plus the length looks like something you'd trip over in wedges.

f21 really is nothing but a bunch of copy caters. Most of the time, the stuff I see resembles things I had seen in Popteen, Nonnom, Cancam and such. It's incredibly striking how close it is! O_O

NatalieCe said...

For blazers I can recomend trying out Charlote Russe.. LoL.. they have realy cute blazers and they're actually pretty cheep. And for a cute cardigan try Zara or maybe even F21..
P.s. thanks for all the sweet coments hun!