Monday, March 29, 2010

My first kind of deep post

Ok, so I went online as usual and i saw this!
A girl who met someone on Chatroulette, they hit it off and they had to go and they forgot to give each other their contact information. Now she's using the internet to help them(us!)find him!

When i read the blog post, it reminded me of this song

Like how you meet random strangers on the street and you start a conversation that's weird at first, but then you get along so well and you walk away from each other and totally regret not giving each other your info once you think about it so you can keep in touch. Meeting these strangers and them telling me about their lives make me remember that other people in their world have their own life, their own drama, their own backgrounds and i just don't know about it! You glance at them and we suddenly judge them for their first impression that they give you but they have a whole story behind them! And they are capable of being friends, or lifelong friends, or even our lover and we just don't notice it.

And so, everyone, this is my idea that makes me believe that every child, peer, or whomever has the capability and the potential to understand me and to understand each other and they could be life long 'friends' but we just can't really see it.

And yea, its so much better to meet strangers here on the internet, besides that there are many all in one place. We cant really judge them, we don't know their past or anything about them(unless they have pics or like a blog or something) but we just talk to them casually and we say things we would never say in real life because its the internet, you can say anything stupid and inappropriate and get away with it and PLUS! its easier to share our true feelings and opinions and not have to back away because we are not intimidated because we cannot hear their voice and we cannot feel the atmosphere that they bring.

Just makes us wish we had a bigger voice and spoke more and acted more like we would want to like we are on front of the screen, right?

I just totally love it when everyone comes together and helped out each other. Like in a movie where one person is against the bad guys and they are beginning to lose, but suddenly right on the climax, a whole army of people also against the bad guys suddenly join in! (Summer Wars, Robots, and many other films i can't think right now of but you probably would know of one) or
Like when someone uploads a picture or posts something on MLIA and says

"[INSERT ORIGINAL POSTER'S LOVER'S NAME], we've been together for [INSERT TIME] and your absolutely perfect your [INSERT COMPLIMENTS+CUTE,HEARTWARMING POEM-LIKE THINGY] and we would go to this site a lot and i just want to tell you something [WILL YOU MARRY ME/GO TO PROM WITH ME/GO OUT WITH ME/I LOVE YOU/something something] Now everyone! press [THE THUMBS UP BUTTON or whatever the site has] so [INSERT ORIGINAL POSTER'S LOVER'S NAME] can see it!"

Yea i just love those things, kinda annoying like 'why would you do it online???' but i just love how thousands of people would thumbs it up. See! We're all connected somehow.

So much text. I totally love you if you read this entire thing @_@


Angelique said...

It really is crazy to think about how big the world is but at the same time how small it can be.

Reminds me of those movies which have all these separate characters but they're all somehow tied together & they all don't know it!

It's a good idea to be nonjudgmental towards people you don't know or just met. However, sometimes that's the hardest thing to do... our society loves to label things unfortunately.

Yun Yun said...

what I would say is stranger danger lol.

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NatalieCe said...

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